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Zumaya Trivia Contest

Welcome to the 2012 Zumaya Trivia Scavenger Hunt. We had so much fun last year with a smaller version in conjunction with a chat we decided to expand it, gather some terrific prizes and give lots of people a chance to win them by running the event through the month of September.

A number of our authors have donated those prizes, and they are all related somehow to their books. How they’re related, we aren’t going to tell, beyond maybe a hint or two. We don’t want to give away all our secrets.

The way the contest works is that a group of Zumaya authors are hosting a collection of links on their blogs. There will be a question about themselves or their books, and a link to where you can find the answer. Visit all the blogs, collect the answers to all the questions, then go here [], and complete the contest form.

Now, a contest wouldn’t be any fun if it was too easy, so we’ve added some book and author-related trivia questions just to challenge you. Take your time—the Zumaya Trivia Scavenger Hunt will run through the entire month of September. You can see photos of some of the great prizes we’re giving away at and Who knows—there might even be a few books and ebooks tossed into the mix before we’re done. We’ll definitely be giving away at least one ereader, but we’re waiting for all the new models to come out before we pick those.

There will also be daily and weekly trivia contests, so keep an eye on Twitter and the Zumaya page on Facebook, or visit our company blog Zumaya Tales at  If you haven’t liked the Zumaya page on Facebook, now would be a good time. We’ll also have a chat at Coffee Time Romance and more on 4 September to launch, and a couple of hangouts on Google+ over the next four weeks.

There is, of course, no purchase required, and your private information will remain between you and Zumaya. Unless we’re authorized to do otherwise, it will all be deleted when the contest ends. While we’d love it if you sampled our wares, our goal with this contest is to get to know as many people as we can, and to let them get to know us. So, welcome and have fun!

There are prizes to be won, and the way to win them is easy. At the bottom of this post is a list of Zumaya authors. On each of their websites you’ll find the answer to a question. Collect the answers to those questions, then go to and fill in the answers. There are some regular, book-related trivia questions, too—we wouldn’t want it to be too easy.

There will also be daily and weekly trivia contests, so keep an eye on Twitter and the Zumaya page on Facebook, or visit our company blog Zumaya Tales at

My question is: Which character is literally the most colorful.  The answer is on The Tapestry Baby page of my website, If you right-click that link, you’ll be able to explore my site in a new page or tab.  Return here and click on the covers below to  move on to the next participant for the next question.

Past Events

May 22    National Road Festival, Brownsville, PA

June Virtual Book Tour

Official Book Tour Page

Guest blogs and interviews at the following sites:

Literal Exposure
As the Pages Turn
The Writer’s Life
Beyond the Books
Blog Critics
American Chronicle
Review from Here
The Book Connection
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The Book Bin

Autumn 2011 Book Festivals

September 24  Baltimore Book Festival
October 1  Collingswood Book Festival, Collingswood, NJ
October 22  Celebrate the Book Festival, Carlisle, PA

For more information about Carole Waterhouse, visit her website at

or visit her on Facebook


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The Tapestry Baby is available at



If you knew your child was predestined to achieve greatness, would it be a blessing or a curse?

And if you could choose, what would be the qualities of a perfect, meaningful life?

These are the questions single mother Karin must face. Ever since becoming pregnant by a mysterious tattooed man, Karin has been convinced she will give birth to a baby whose skin is a tapestry of color. When Anna is born normal in appearance, Karin still believes she’s predestined for some greater purpose, one she herself can’t provide. As she engages in a journey across Pennsylvania looking for a sign telling her whether she should keep her child, Karin discovers her life is unexpectedly intertwined with six other people, including a cross-dresser in love with his own appearance, a fortune teller who also works as a mid-wife for expectant horses, a piano teacher having a nervous breakdown, and a librarian with a mysterious past who masquerades in her own dowdiness.

The Tapestry Baby, the new novel by the author of Without Wings and The Paradise Ranch is available at Amazon

ISBN 978-1-61271-000-6


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A creative writing professor at California University of Pennsylvania, Carole Waterhouse is the author of two novels, The Tapestry Baby and Without Wings, and a collection of short stories, The Paradise Ranch.

Her fiction has appeared in Arnazella, Artful Dodge, Baybury Review, Ceilidh, Eureka Literary Magazine, Forum, Half Tones to Jubilee, Massachusetts Review, Minnetonka Review, Oracle: The Brewton-Parker College Review, Parting Gifts, Pointed Circle, Potpourri, Seems, Spout, The Armchair Aesthete, The Griffin, The Styles, Tucumari Literary Review, Turnrow, and X-Connect.

A previous newspaper reporter, she has published essays in an anthology, Horse Crazy: Women and the Horses They Love, and Equus Spirit Magazine. Her book reviews have appeared in The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, The Pittsburgh Press, and The New York Times Book Review