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The Tapestry Baby is available at



If you knew your child was predestined to achieve greatness, would it be a blessing or a curse?

And if you could choose, what would be the qualities of a perfect, meaningful life?

These are the questions single mother Karin must face. Ever since becoming pregnant by a mysterious tattooed man, Karin has been convinced she will give birth to a baby whose skin is a tapestry of color. When Anna is born normal in appearance, Karin still believes she’s predestined for some greater purpose, one she herself can’t provide. As she engages in a journey across Pennsylvania looking for a sign telling her whether she should keep her child, Karin discovers her life is unexpectedly intertwined with six other people, including a cross-dresser in love with his own appearance, a fortune teller who also works as a mid-wife for expectant horses, a piano teacher having a nervous breakdown, and a librarian with a mysterious past who masquerades in her own dowdiness.

The Tapestry Baby, the new novel by the author of Without Wings and The Paradise Ranch is available at Amazon

ISBN 978-1-61271-000-6



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