The Tapestry Baby by Carole Waterhouse is a wild and crazy adventure ride!

Karin is on a road trip with her baby, Anna, because she believes that signs have been telling her that her baby is in danger. She believes that these signs are pointing towards her need to give up her baby, but she has only seen two signs and she believes there needs to be a third. So, she is off to look for the third sign.

We meet this eclectic variety of characters, who at first, just seem like different characters with their own stories. But, they all eventually intersect in sometimes bizarre ways. Each character has their own quirks and issues. We learn their individual stories and then they start coming together and intertwining. My favorite of all the characters was Mrs. Brown. She is the school librarian, known by everyone as being “plain”. My heart went out to her and I was rooting for a happy ending to her part of the story.

I very highly recommend this book. The writing is excellent and the story is unique and captivating. It’s definitely not your typical same-old tired story! Some of the characters are rather strange, but it’s all so fascinating that it keeps you turning the pages! I was hooked from the start. I really enjoyed Ms Waterhouse’s writing and I hope to get the chance to read more from her in the future–Life in Review, Michelle Vasquez


“This is a rare gem of a book; a novel so compelling that it was impossible to put down. Ms. Waterhouse tells a masterful tale of a woman trapped by her own circumstances, drifting aimlessly, passively living life with occasional fantasies to escape the dull, passionless life she leads. . . In short, Without Wings is an excellent, compelling story. It’s a book that I highly recommend without hesitation to readers looking for a compassionate story about a woman trapped by her own circumstances but with a heart seeking to soar and find a life for herself — a life full of passion, laughter, and love.”   Scribes World Reviews

“The balance between the seriousness of Rachel’s story coupled with the humorous farce taking place around her makes for an engaging and surprisingly thought-provoking read. As one would expect of a creative writing instructor, Waterhouse has created a tight, fast paced plot, with enough suspense points to keep the reader involved and interested throughout the book.” The         Compulsive Reader

Carole Waterhouse writes a fascinating story of one woman’s journey through life. Everyone has their paths to choose and you don’t know if Rachel has chosen the right ones. You learn her hopes and dreams and fears. She learns that the number one person in her life right now is herself, and she has to start taking care of that person. Very interesting story with many twists and turns!”      Book Review Cafe


“Carole Waterhouse presents a collection of short works which pivot around human relationships with animals and the effect they have on our lives…The themes are ordinary, but the handling is exceptional… For those who enjoy short fiction, these are gems that should be collected and passed among friends for their mutual admiration.”      The Compulsive Reader

“Ms. Waterhouse is an expert at painting emotional settings with her words, and making the reader feel the echoes and cold breezes that surround her characters. In short, PARADISE RANCH exhibits, again, a very skilled writer who hones her craft well, focusing with great skill on small details that subtly expose the core of her stories. She exposes her characters’ longings, weaknesses, hopes, and dreams, while doing a wonderful job of entertaining her readers along the way. This is a book you won’t want to miss.—Mitchell Waldman, Scribes World Reviews

“A collection of short stories that the author weaves both humans and animals into a patchwork of life and gives the reader an interesting outlook from both sides. Each story has twists and humorous sides that never stray from the content or message that the author is trying to relate. I found myself engrossed in the stories and enjoyed the excellent way the author presents them”.  Book Review Cafe


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